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The firearms produced by the SIG family of companies are designed and built to satisfy a wide range of needs – military, law enforcement, security agencies, individual self-defense, hunting and competition. In each of these roles, SIGARMS products must be, above all else, reliable. In the final analysis, every other attribute is secondary. That’s why the legend, “Engineered Reliability” is a part of the SIGARMS identity. More than a slogan, it’s our reason for being.Other sites:
The Glock pistol is famous for its incorporation of polymers (plastic) into it’s frame.
The popularity of this gun derives from a combination of its light weight, due to the polymer, and the manufacturers high priority of functionality.
The U.S. subsidiary of the world famous firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, GmbH of Oberndorf, Germany, HK, Ince. is the U.S. distributor of a wide range of technologically advanced firearms for the defense, law enforcement, and sporting market. In addition to renown HK firearms like the USP and P7 pistols, the MP5 family of submachine guns; Heckler & Koch, Inc. is also the exclusive American distributor for Benelli shotguns.Other sites:
1998 was quite a year for Bushmaster / Quality Parts. In what was our 20th Anniversary Year, we doubled our sales – and consequently had to double our production capability. Our DCM Competition Rifle – in the capable hands of this country’s finest shooters – has continued its winning ways. For example, Carl Leisinger of New Jersey, took his Bushmaster DCM Competition Rifle right out of the box, and shot a perfect 100 -10X in the 200 Yd. Rapid Rifle Match (along with his other excellent scores ) to win the New Jersey State Service Rifle Championship. And, we hear lots of other similar reports from other satisfied competitors – reaffirming to us that we are producing the highest quality, most accurate AR15/M16 type firearms sold today – by a long shot!



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